Yoga Retreat

About Our Bali Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali? Why not come to beautiful Bali for a rejuvenating yoga retreat. Vitality 4 Life; in partnership with a Health Resort in Ubud, now offer a wellness retreat with raw food, yoga, colonics, massage, detox and beauty treatments. Embark on a 7 day lifestyle change to relax your mind, refresh your body and renew your spirit at this joyful and healing retreat.

In Bali, Vitality 4 Life has created the ultimate health retreat by providing cold pressed juices, living sprouts, a true infrared sauna for genuine detoxification & our vibration platforms to assist your individual fitness retreat régime.

So if you’re looking at Bali holidays, take the opportunity to bring your Bali vacation home where you can continue with your new healthy lifestyle change.

At the yoga retreat, you have the opportunity to experience the Vitality 4 Life 'healthy home' range of products in a beautiful, fun and supportive environment.

You feel great at the end of your holiday and will have learned the life skills to keep yourself feeling that way.

You can taste the quality of living juice and try juicing for yourself with a Vitality 4 Life juicer. You will be able to experiment with the different vibration platforms to ascertain which one is right for you and spend some time each day in the beautifully handcrafted Softheat far infrared sauna, herbal steam room and spa, perhaps after your massage or colonic.

You will have your very own personal assistant, who will organise your schedule, your excursions and anything you require during your stay!

You will be encouraged to start each day with a lovely walk in the nearby rice paddy, followed by a yoga and meditation session.

If you love nature, the resort is situated alongside the Mumbul river, with a 20 metre waterfall bordering the property. This is considered to be a spiritual healing place for renewal of your mind, body and soul.

The Ubud town centre is only a 10 minute stroll where you will find some healthy restaurants and cafes, internet access and plenty of unique shops if you’re looking for that special something.